Why choose us?

ISX has operated from 2014 and is the first Icelandic exchange which offers Bitcoin trading.

Easy access
Easy access

You deposit and instatly buy Bitcoin without any trouble.

Secure exchange
Secure exchange

The ISX market falls under supervision of the Icelandic FSA - Central Bank of Iceland.

Transparent fees
Transparent fees

ISX takes 0.25% trading commission.

Simple registration
Simple registration

You sign up with your mobile ID and can start trading instantly.

Exchange cryptocurrency in 3 simple steps

Sign up

Use your moble ID to sign up


Deposit Crypto or Fiat

Buy or sell Bitcoin



Withdraw fiat to your bank account or Bitcoin to you wallet.


06 May 2024

ISX is changins its platform

ISX is about to change its platform. Please withdraw all funds before 1st of August.

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06 Feb 2023

ISX new trading platform

ISX has opened a new website to trade Bitcoin.

Users are asked to not deposit bitcoin into old Bitcoin addresses when using the new ISX trading platform.

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06 Feb 2023

ISX brokerage

If you need to buy or sell other crypto assets than Bitcoin, such as Ethereum, we will give you an OTC offer for your trade.

Please contact ISX brokerage via e-mail: [email protected] or via phone: +354 620 3700. You can also book an appointment and we will help you with your trade. Read more

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You register with your mobile ID, deposit fiat or Bitcoin and start buying and selling.